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Poems From Morning Prayer

I am a child of God I see,

Through no efforts of my own,

Jesus, God’s Son rescued me,

Making God’s friendship known.


Now that by his grace we’re friends,

Not enemies as we were before,

He tells me just to abide in him,

He says, “Let my Spirit fill you more.”


It is hard for me to fathom that,

How it is not by any power of mine,

That I am drawn the closer to him,

To become more the person he designed. 


O’ to be like clay in your Spirit’s hands,

Jesus, help me to lean upon your grace,

That I may let you mold me Lord,

Until my life reflects your face.


C. R. Hill, Jr.

Copyright 04/24/18

“For if, when we were enemies, we were

reconciled to God by the death of his Son,

much more being reconciled, we shall be


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Poems From Morning Prayer


I am here in a season of stress,

For myself and my nation as well,

The voices of hope and of doom,

Make it hard the way forward to tell.


The stress has become overwhelming,

My spirit within me is downcast,

Then I turn to the page of God’s promise,

Remembering his righteousness forever does last.


I remember how Peter with courage,

Did step out of the boat in the storm,

Then confidently walked toward Jesus,

Until he looked at the waves with alarm.


Lord Jesus help me to be faithful,

When the storms of this life do rage;

When I am in the midst of life’s stresses,

Help me trust in the words on your page.


C. R. Hill, Jr.

Copyright 10/21/16

“Your testimonies are righteousness forever;

give me understanding that I may live.”

Psalm 119: 144 ESV

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Poems From Morning Prayer


We live in a world where monsters come,

Straight at us out of the dark.

They threaten to tear us apart with their fangs,

They put fear in our heart with their bark.


But we have a God who all monsters defeats,

As by the power of faith in his name,

He has given to us his victory of light,

To the monster of all darkness restrain.


Yet keeping that power of faith in our life,

Requires we focus on the edge of the cloud,

For that’s where the light so brightly beams,

That it defeats the attempt of darkness to shroud.


Here in this world darkness has center stage,

But God’s light all the universe fills,

And those who keep their faith in the light,

All fear of the darkness God stills.


C. R. Hill, Jr.

Copyright 02/09/16

“Though I walk in the midst of…

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Poems From Morning Prayer

In the poem I posted in honor of Veteran’s Day I spoke about the values we Veterans served to defend.  After some reflection it occurred to me that very many people today have no clue as to what those values are.  This poem, is now the third of a series of poems in which I will seek to address several of those values that I consider to be most basic, and most in danger of being lost from the fabric of our national culture.


An eagle and a coyote too,

Both pick a mate for life.

Shouldn’t we in God’s image made,

Do as much as man and wife?


Yet little is sacred anymore,

Sex is treated like a contact sport;

Couples play the game for a little while,

Then to someone else resort.


And the wedding vows today –

Often seem so casually spoken.

A blissful romance…

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